Welcome to the Continuing Education Course Accreditation Process (CECAP) centre.

IIROC Members Firms and Registrants seeking accredited CE courses

The Accredited Courses section of this site lists all CECAP accredited courses. Courses are listed by either professional development or compliance by education provider and the number of CE hours for each course is provided. A search function is also available.

Course Providers seeking CECAP Accreditation

The Accreditation Process and Accreditation Fees sections of the site provide all the steps and documentation required to apply for course accreditation. Refer to the process section on this site and also the FAQs for specifics regarding the documentation that must be submitted. A range of educational activities (e.g. courses, seminars, webinars and conferences) can be accredited as long as they meet the IIROC CE guidelines.

Please see the tool bars on the left for further information. As always, we value your comments and suggestions for improvements.

Note: Details on Cycle 7 will be posted on the website by December 22, 2017. In the meantime, any courses submitted to CECAP after November 1, 2017 but prior to December 22, 2017 will be accredited for both Cycle 6 and Cycle 7 according to the current Cycle 6 fee schedule. Courses submitted after December 22, 2017 will be accredited for Cycle 7 only.