My application form, required documents and processing application fee have been sent to CECAP. When can I expect to receive CE Credit approval?
Once CECAP obtains preliminary pricing estimate approval from the Applicant, expected turnaround time is 10-15 business days.
I have thoroughly reviewed the CECAP website. However, I still have questions. Where do I call and to whom do I speak to regarding my questions?
Please direct all of your questions to info@cecap.ca or contact CECAP at 905-273-9559 to speak to a CECAP Specialist. Queries should not be made directly to the IIROC.
I have several training courses which are "On-Line". Do courses in this format qualify? If so, what is the approval process?
Yes, "On-Line" training courses do qualify for assessment and accreditation. The same CECAP Process is used. All of the steps outlined in the main tool bar under "CECAP Process" must be followed, including submitting all your materials. Copies of fully on-line training courses can be submitted through the provision of a link to the activity or by the submission of the documents in PDF or Word format. After submitting the course online, a paper copy of the application and the application fee must be sent by mail or courier to the CECAP offices. If electronic copies are not available, two printed paper copies of all content can be mailed/couriered to CECAP with a copy of the application and application fee..
I submitted a course and requested 6 CE credits, however I was only granted 4 credits. Why?
The CECAP assessment process encourages value add learning and to this end credits are deducted for proprietary product content. Therefore if your activity includes proprietary content about a product specific to one organization the time taken within the activity to cover that product may be deducted from the total continuing education credits applied. Your invoice will reflect a fee for the actual number of credits granted.
I submitted a course and requested 3 CE credits, however I was granted 4 credits. Why?
In assessing your course the CECAP reviewers determined that the course would take longer to complete that the time you have stated. Your invoice will reflect the actual number of credits granted.
I am submitting a Webinar - are there any special requirements to be met for a Webinar?

Webinars are assessed using the same criteria as in-person seminars (requires submission of the seminar materials and bio for the presenter however pre-reading can be accepted for a seminar, but not for a webinar). It is expected that the webinar provider will verify attendance at the webinar by having the participant sign in and sign out, as well as providing proof of completion certificate that states the name of the webinar, number of CE credits and the CECAP accreditation number.

I am submitting a conference - what documentation do I need to submit for approval?
When submitting materials for conferences, the provider must submit an accurate agenda of the conference, which includes the start and finish time of each presentation, along with the title of the presentation and the name of the presenter or presenters. Bios of each presenter and a brief summary of the topic of the presentation should are also required. The titles of the electronic files must match the titles of the presentation in the agenda. Additionally, the files must be in the same order as the order in the agenda. When assessing the conference, it is assumed that each day will include two breaks and a lunch period. These periods do not qualify for credit.
I would like to have our corporate website appear along with my course listings on the CECAP website. How can this be accomplished?
Once you are logged on to the website click on the left navigation bar and click on "Update Profile". At the end of your corporate information, there is a place to include your website address. Addresses should be inserted using only the www.designation and not the http.// portion of the side address (e.g. www.cecap.ca.)
I have taken a course and don't see it listed on the CECAP site - is it accredited for IIROC CE purposes?

If the course certificate of completion has a CECAP accreditation number on it, but the course does not appear in the CECAP listings, it may be that CECAP has been requested by the provider to keep the course name and accreditation number private. This means that the course was accredited, but does not appear on the public listing of courses. Please check with the course provider to see if this is the case.

If the course certificate of completion does not have a CECAP accreditation number on it, but the provider has indicated that the course was CECAP accredited, you should check back with the course provider. All CECAP accredited courses are provided with an accreditation number and the course providers are requested to include this number on their certificate of course completion. If the course provider has advertised CECAP accreditation and does not have a CECAP accreditation number, please advise CECAP.