CECAP Process

1 Log In (Establish User Name and Password if your company does not already have one)
2 Complete and print New Application Form
  • If your course is fully online you have the choice of providing a link to the activity or uploading the electronic copies of the program. If you choose to provide a link in lieu of PDF or Word documents, you must ensure that the version is available for review purposes as submitted for the full IIROC CE cycle. An online course must be taken completely online including the testing.
  • For PDF or Word document submission, please upload an electronic copy of all program documents using the link provided within the website in the print application section. If you have more than one document, please create a zip file and upload the zip file that has all documents included with the file. Note: Hard copies of all materials are not required. However if you wish to submit two hard copies (paper) rather than electronic, they will be accepted through regular mail or courier.
  • Once the documents have been uploaded please return to the print application section and select submit the application will be sent to CECAP to be matched to your documentation.
3 Prepare Application Fee Cheque Payable to Moody's Analytics Global Education (Canada) Inc. or Fax your application with credit card payment information included to 1-866-866-2660.

Payment of the application fee opens a new course file and initiates the preliminary assessment of the course content to provide a pricing estimate to the applicant. See step 5 below for further details on this preliminary estimate.

4 (a) If you are submitting your administration fee by credit card please fax your application to 1-866-866-2660. If so, you must either upload your course materials electronically, or forward to our office 2 hard copies of your program materials. Please ensure that you clearly quote the course application number that has been assigned to your course. This number appears in the upper left hand corner of your application form. Please do not send a copy of your application with the credit card payment information on it.

(b) If you are submitting your administration fee by cheque please submit to CECAP electronically or by mail or by courier:

  • A copy of the printed application with the Application Fee Cheque
  • Once the hard copy of the New Application Form and fee have been received, the assessment process will begin.
  • A paper copy of the New Application Form must accompany the cheque prior to the submission being assessed. If you are submitting two paper copies of material (rather than electronic), these must be included within this package.

Please ensure courier drop off at the CECAP office does not require a signature.

5 CECAP will email Preliminary Pricing estimate to Applicant. This is a preliminary estimate. If your course is assessed for fewer or more credits than you have applied for the final invoice will be adjusted to reflect the number of credits granted.
6 Applicant Approves Preliminary Pricing Estimate. No payment required at this time until the final invoice is issued.
7 The credit assessment process begins.

The process begins with an assessment of content by CECAP assessors. This review results in a CECAP recommendation made to IIROC staff for the number of continuing education credits the course will satisfy and the category (professional development or compliance). IIROC staff will then review the course and the CECAP recommendation and make the final acreditation decision.

8 If Course Materials are deficient, CECAP will decline the program and notify the Applicant. In such a case no final invoice will be applied. The program may be re-submitted once it has been modified to meet CECAP requirements following the usual new application procedures along with a new application fee.
9 Once a course is accepted for CE Credit, Applicant will receive acceptance email including attached PDF Certificate of Acceptance and Final Invoice. Providers are invoiced based on the number of credits awarded.
10 Final Payment Due to CECAP upon receipt of invoice.