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Course Review Fees

Service Cycle 7 and 8 fees plus applicable taxes*

CE Credit Application & Assessment

Partial CE Credit hours are billed as a full hour.

$375 per Course Application Fee, plus applicable taxes*.

Credits Assessment Fees (+tax) Application Fee (+tax) Total Fee (+tax)
1 credit $210 $375 $585
2 credits $400 $375 $775
3 credits $600 $375 $975
4 - 8 credits $870 $375 $1245
9 - 15 credits $1030 $375 $1405
16 - 30 credits $1175 $375 $1550
3-5 Business Day Rush Assessment $375 per Course Application Fee, plus usual assessment fee (see schedule above),

$1,000 Rush Fee per Course

Rush Fee & Application Fee must be included in the "Rush Assessment" Package

Re-certification of Cycle 7 courses for Cycle 8 $400 per Course Application Fee (plus applicable taxes*), plus a signed release certifying that there have been no material changes to the content, delivery or testing of the activity as it was submitted for Cycle 7
Minimum Fee $585 ($375 per Course Application Fee, plus $210 for one CE Credit Hour) plus applicable taxes

*Taxes are only applicable for Canadian based companies or individuals.

Taxes are calculated as follows:

(GST/HST 869314518RT0001) (QST: TQ0001 1200091783)

ON, NB, NL, NS, PEI residents: add HST (ON (13%); NB, NL, NS and PE (15%).

Quebec residents: add GST (5%) plus 9.975% QST** (on the fee only not the fee + GST)

Residents of all other Provinces and Territories: add GST (5%)

Fee Schedule may be reviewed on an annual basis.

CECAP reserves the right to adjust the hourly assessment fee based upon the work involved in performing the assessment.

All fees are payable to Moody's Analytics Global Education (Canada) Inc.

Last updated November 1, 2019